10 styling tips for your new home

Styling is one of the most exciting parts of your homeownership journey, the Kinnetic team share a passion for styling, constantly keeping our finger on the pulse with all things design. We have collated a list of the styling tips from what we have seen to be currently popular within the interior space.  

Stay true to you

It is so easy to get caught up in the latest Instagram trends when styling your new home. The process is often both fun and overwhelming, an emerging trend for the new decade is no trend is the new trend. Choosing pieces that speak to your unique personality instead of following trends will not only create a space that is true to you and your taste but also remove a lot of the overwhelm that comes with choosing the pieces for your home.  

House plants – more is more

House plants not only look great but they also have many benefits to your space, these benefits include improving oxygen quality, boost mood and relieve stress to name a few.

The team at Kinnetic are lovers of plants both indoor and outdoor and all of our house design options have multiple spaces that will give your indoor plants the space and light conditions they need to thrive.  

Don’t be afraid of colour

For a lot of people colour can be overwhelming however a small pop of colour throughout your home can completely elevate your space.Depending on your choice of colour an accent wall can work to make a space look larger or smaller and even completely change the    


Pattern can be an inexpensive way to create interest in any space, particularly for those who don’t want to use bold colours on their walls. Adding a pattern cushion, rug or throw can vastly elevate any space and really enable your personal style to shine through.  

Clashing patterns can be challenging to get right but there are no rules, play around with pairing different colours, textures and patterns. It is an easy way to make a naked room pop.  

Recently we have seen an emergence of patterned furniture, terrazzo, marble and patterned upholstery have made it easier to integrate pattern into your home.


The current climate crisis has seen an incredible trend of eco-conscious products. This is not only good for the environment but most of these products are produced with aesthetics at the forefront, so they are not only useful but they also look great in your home.  

Cosy fabrics & Soft textures

Mixing and matching fabrics can not only add dimension to a room but it also creates an intimate and inviting environment. It is your home after all, it is important to create spaces that you can enjoy and relax with a good book and a cup of tea. Cosy fabrics and soft textures are the perfect way to create a relaxing oasis for you and your family.


In recent years we have seen a move away from stark square and rectangle furnishing to curved and rounded silhouettes. Of course it is all dependant on personal style and taste, however round shapes not only create a softer look but are great for people with young children, less corners mean less chance of painful accidents.

Earth tones

Using earthy tones is a great way to dip your toe into the world of colour without feeling overwhelmed, these neutral tones are timeless, easy to integrate with other colours and most importantly, go exceptionally well with all of the colours and finishes that we have on offer at Kinnetic homes.

Be Playful

Gone are the days of stark and sterile interiors, In recent years we have seen a move toward taking your interiors less seriously. Playful wall art, cushion and even rug designs have become readily available this is a trend you can easily embrace at any budget.

No Need to Rush

The most important tip is not to rush the process, if you start to curate your space under pressure it can lead to decisions you are not completely happy with, taking your time

Thankfully once you have chosen your home design with Kinnetic, seen the display suite and have the floorplans for your new house you have all the information you need to start planning your space while it is being built giving you the luxury of time to curate a space you will be happy with and comfortable in.

The Kinnetic team are passionate about all things house and home, including interior styling. Get in touch with our friendly sales team fora private inspection of our boutique display suite. We are sure this will inspire your inner interior stylist.

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